Personalised Products

Design your own t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, and much more. Printed with non-toxic inks onto organic cotton products in our renewable energy-powered factory.

Pick a product to personalise, then get creating.

High-quality custom T-Shirt printing

T-Shirt design made easy

“I designed a custom T-shirt (with some fairly fine detail) and was blown away by the quality of the printing. Plus I ordered it on a Friday night in December and had it in my hands the following Thursday morning as expected. Definitely recommend it!”- Phillip

  • Organic Cotton

    All our products are made from natural organic cotton.

  • Designed to be remade

    Our products can be sent back to us and recycled or remade into new products. You'll get store credit when you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order in bulk?

Absolutely, we offer wholesale pricing which allows you save more on larger orders. See the table below to see savings.

There's no setup fees, no minimums. Prices include full colour printing as standard

Discounts apply to the total number of items in the order. You can mix and match sizes, colours and prints















How do I create a personalised t-shirt?

Browse the range of products available to be personalised, and select which one you want. You can upload your own designs. For best results use PNG24 images around 2500px by 3500px (sRGB). Our custom t-shirt designer can also be used to create your own design for jumpers, hoodies, shorts, joggers, and more.

What's the minimum order for custom products?

There are no minimums, you can order just one if you like. When you order multiple, bulk discounts are automatically added to your order.

When will I receive my custom clothing?

Orders are printed the same working day. The shipping time depends on where your order is being sent to and the delivery option selected. Options range from standard shipping to expedited and tracked worldwide delivery. You can find all the shipping information when you reach the cart. Once you've placed your order, you'll receive an email confirmation including an estimated delivery date for your order.

What is the quality of the print?

We quality check every single order to ensure the highest quality. We use Brother GTX DTG printers and all the ink ingredients are tested to Oeko-tex 100 standard, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and nasty plastics. We are able to print full colour, including photographs, so what you create is what we print. That's why our custom studio is great way to create personalised gifts.

Read our reviews to find out what others say about the quality of our prints.

How should I prepare my artwork for printing?

1 Resolution - You should save your artwork in PNG file format, with a 200 dpi setting. DPI stands for dots per inch and what we need to remember is that a t-shirt is made of threads. We have measured that there are about 100 threads per inch, so we only need to use 200dpi, which is still very precise for a design printed on a product. If your designs are blurry, it is most likely because your resolution is too low. If you do not fix this then the prints received will reflect the blurriness of your artwork. Please note, artwork will appear more pixelated in general when printed onto garments than they will on paper or screen because the ink disperses further.

2 Colour Mode - We convert your artwork into a print file when we process it. A lot of converting and processing goes on, which we won't detail as it's super complicated. It allows us to take any image and make it printable, but also is one of the reasons - as well as one of the facts of life in digital product printing - that we can't 100% match pantone colours. If colour matching matters to you, RGB PNG files are what we use in house to upload, so we recommend saving in RGB.

3 Background - Save your artwork onto a transparent background so your design blends seamlessly with the product.

4 File type - Artwork should be saved in PNG file format.

5 Detail + Scale - If your design has fine detail, you need to make sure all line-work or text is wider than 2mm. If it is less than 2mm, our printing tech will struggle to pick up the detail and you could be left with bits of your design missing or blurred.

6 Colour affects - DTG Printers cannot print opacities or transparencies so it is important to ensure the opacity of your graphic is at 100%. Fades and glows can be problematic in DTG printing, as well as neon and metallics. Our printing tech will match them to the closest normal colour. On the screen, colours often appear brighter than on the printed products. We recommend you increase the contrast and saturation levels of your artwork to a very high degree. What may look a bit ”too much” on the screen will look just right in print.

7 Copyright - Lastly and very importantly, if you are uploading a design you must make sure you’ve obtained all the relevant rights and permissions, as per the Terms and Conditions. We retain the right to deny any content which infringes our copyright policies.

What is your returns policy?

We hope you love your order, but completely understand there may be times when you need to return something to us.

A link to the online returns form can be found in your confirmation email receipt and your dispatch email but if you need any help, or have any questions about a return, please use the contact form to get in touch with our support team.

You may cancel your order or return your products at any time, up until the later of 14 days after you receive the products or 28 days after we dispatch them for delivery to you.

But, unless they are defective, we cannot accept returns of custom products, sample orders, or any products that have been washed or worn.