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Our ultra soft tees are available in plain packs, for simple, understated style this Spring. Whether you layer underneath a shirt or rock it basic, you can't go wrong with a plain tee. 

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Get Flanneled

Whether you prefer simple, herringbone detailing or a more outgoing pattern, we've got the perfect flannel shirt for you this Spring. Made from organic cotton, with Free UK Shipping as standard.

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Make a Difference

Our Teemill tech's been used by some amazing campaigns with designers including Katharine Hamnett, Ai Weiwei and Dame Vivienne Westwood in the mix. We've curated a brand new collection of our favourite collab prints.

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Extra Soft Tees

T-shirts are the bread and butter of Rapanui - that's why we went the extra mile to make sure ours were made from extra soft organic cotton. Check out our bestsellers today. 

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Surf Towel Robe

Change the way you change this Spring with our surf towel change robes - made from extra soft, super warm and moisture wicking organic cotton.

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Sustainable Fashion

With good design and technology we make things, better.

  Rapanui is an eco-fashion company from the Isle of Wight. We make Men's and Women's clothes using more sustainable materials like Organic Cotton, British Wool, recycled plastic, bamboo and more. We also develop technology to make a truly connected, traceable supply chain. You can trace the clothing we make from seed to shop, watch it being made and at the end of it's life, send it back and cash in the material value as store credit. Our award winning ethical clothing is made from organic or recycled materials in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory.

  Whilst the organic, ethical and low carbon clothing is traceable, we have taken our work on improving fashion beyond the borders of our brand. We're often asked to screen print custom t-shirts for some of Europe's biggest brands. More recently our factory technology, which includes e-commerce, APIs, automation, personalisation and even robotics powers our Teemill project. It has made it possible for other brands, businesses and even startups to access our supply chain and build their businesses using our technology.

  We've also developed a new, but simple clothing ecolabelling system to summarise the detailed and often confusing information on clothes packaging. Just as your crisps tell you they have high fat or salt content, we think the high street should clearly, honestly tell you how clothing is made. Rapanui make it easy for consumers to shop quickly with a conscience. This isn't just for our t-shirts, our new Surf Towels, Flannel shirts, beanies and accessories are all rated and traceable from seed to shop.

  Rapanui's story started in a shed on the Isle of Wight creating bestsellers like bamboo t-shirts and women's organic clothing and at the same time, invested back into the local economy with it's award-winning apprenticeship programme. From product sustainability to social impact, Rapanui is a business that is built on totally different values. We're an ambitious brand that creates quality products, technology and helpful services around sustainability. We make things, better.

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Organic & Ethical Clothing

Organic & Ethical

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