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Our purpose is to make clothing more sustainable. Through design and new technology we make things, better.

We're from the Isle of Wight in the UK, and we started our company in a garden shed with £200 and a mission: Make clothing more sustainable. That was in 2008. Times have changed and thankfully, so have our business premises: Our values and purpose is still the same. We make our products from more sustainable materials like Organic Cotton and British Wool. Most of our work in the first few years of our brand has been in helping customers understand where clothing comes from and how it's made. We created some of the first connected, traceable supply chain maps on the internet. You can scan the code inside every product we make and find out more info about its origins.

We also are also mindful of the future which we believe will be a circular economy, so when you're done, you can send old products back to us and cash in the material for store credit.

From the early days, there's been renewable energy in our supply chain. Now, our main supplier of organic cotton has its own wind farm, and our UK factory is powered entirely by renewables, mostly on-site solar. That part of the story, our own factory, is where most of our our work is focused now. We're developing advanced manufacturing techniques to massively reduce waste and these improved efficiencies are making more sustainable fashion increasingly competitive.

Throughout we've sought to work with responsible suppliers that do things the right way. As well as being a Global Organic Textile Standard certified company ourselves, independent auditors inspect our overseas supply chain for a wide range of sustainability criteria from ensuring inks and dyes are not harmful and handled correctly, to ensuring pay and working conditions are fair (e.g. SA8000). We don't just rely on audits, we visit factories personally. That's what we think responsible fashion means.

We also believe that this kind of better business should not be a premium option - it should be accessible to anyone. The problems concern all of us, and consumers and businesses must work together to solve the problems in the world. So we asked what we can do to make our supply chain more accessible. As well as printing certified organic t-shirts in bulk for other brands, we're developing new cloud-based technologies for startups to access our supply chain. What took us ten years now takes the next generation of brands 10 minutes at

Looking back at the shed, we've achieved a fair bit. But it feels like we're only really just started working on the game changing projects. We hope you'll continue to enjoy our products for the next 10 as we continue our mission, to make fashion more sustainable.

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