Create customised clothing with our customise feature

Graphic t-shirts are part of our DNA. In fact, graphic t-shirts are where it started for Rapanui. Clothing is a form of expression, and with bold, vibrant designs on t-shirts, we created products that stood for what we believe in: regenerating nature and ending waste and pollution.

Our prints resonate with those who share a passion for environmental sustainability and a commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Each graphic tells a story, not just of style and creativity, but of a deeper connection to nature. Those who wear our graphic t-shirts are displaying their dedication to a cleaner world.

Sometimes you might not find exactly what you want. You might love a graphic but want it on a jumper, rather than a t-shirt. Or perhaps you want to make a large, bold print, a bit smaller, or on a different position on the garment. With our “customise” feature, you have almost limitless options to make our products your own and add your personal touch.

Customisable clothing

When you’re browsing our range of printed products, keep an eye out for the “customise” button on the product page. You’ll find it just below “add to bag”. This option is available on selected products.

When you press “customise”, you’ll be taken to the design studio where you can make changes.

Once inside the studio, you can:

  • Resize and reposition the graphic
  • Make a graphic smaller or bigger
  • Reposition a graphic. For example, move a graphic from the centre to the pocket.

Choose a different garment

  • Choose any of our products, in any colour, to print the graphic on, from t-shirts to hoodies and jumpers.

Choose non-clothing products

  • You can choose from fine art prints, puzzles, tote bags, mugs

Edit the design

  • Add your own design elements by uploading your own design, or choosing from our design library.
  • You can edit the graphic itself and change colours.
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