The best plain white t-shirt in the world

We’ve spent years creating the perfect white t-shirts. We dive into what goes into making our famously soft organic tees, show you how they’re made and why millions of people wear them (many without even realising it).

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It would be easy to talk about plain white t-shirts as a superficial less is more thing. Yet simple designs are often the hardest to perfect. And when they are perfected, it’s quite hard to put your finger on what makes them special. The Fender Telecaster. Converse Trainers. The iPhone. A Rubix Cube. Or anything designed by Dieter Rams.

If making the best fitting white t-shirt in the world is a design challenge, the reward is the way it feels and looks - or in a word, style. And from a style perspective, the plain white t-shirt already has a bit of form.

Perhaps the universal appeal of the plain white tee goes some way to explain why a wide range of different icons have pulled it out of the style toolbox. Marlon Brando stitched together a smooth casual career in one. Everyone from Elvis to Eminem share a common thread having worn the basic white t-shirt in their prime.

Organic Cotton white t-shirts, made sustainably

How clothes are made is just as important as what they’re made from. Our t-shirts start off as plants grown organically using rainwater. Growing cotton organically means we protect the soil and encourage insect life. Using certified organic cotton protects the environment and the people who work with it too. Our organic cotton is grown naturally, and more slowly resulting in extra long fibres that feel super soft, springy and durable. In over 1000 5-star reviews, this explains why so many people comment on the way the material feels: When you put on your t-shirt and feel it’s softer than anything you’ve ever worn, you can thank those natural fibres. Kind on the environment, soft on your skin.

Like our white t-shirt, the real beauty of sustainability is in its simplicity. Out there in business-as-usual, 99% percent of clothes end up in landfill. Our t-shirt is beautifully crafted from soft cotton that is too good to throw away. When your t-shirt comes to the end of its useful life - which will take a while, as they’re built to last - you can scan the organic label so it can be sent back to us and be remade into something new. Now because our products are built to last, you might be really old by the time it’s worn out, but what matters is that instead of creating waste, these products are designed to come back and be remade. No landfill. No nasties. Just carefully made, and carefully designed products and material that stays in use. This is what true Sustainability means to us.

Quality plain t-shirts, that don’t cost the earth

Technology has enabled us to spend more money on sustainability. This is how we can make quality ethical t-shirts with sustainable materials but that are affordably priced.

Plain ethical clothing deserves packaging to match, and we mean better than a single use plastic bag. Like all our products, we send our quality white t-shirts in equally quality plastic-free recycled paper packaging, that’s rip and splash proof. We put a rad marine inspired doodle on it too. Our UK-based factory and all our operations are powered by clean renewable energy.

How to wear a plain white t-shirt

Creativity went into designing these differently and you can wear them equally creatively. Tucked in, rolled sleeves, layered up or dressed down. With a flannel shirt when you’re out, with pyjama bottoms when you’re in. With a quality plain white t-shirt in your wardrobe, when it comes to choosing your outfit you’ll be anything but drawing a blank.


Creating the perfect plain white t-shirt is something we worked hard on. After a few minutes of high-fiving each other for making the best white t-shirt, we didn’t stop there. We made a white longline t-shirt for a variation in style, with longer sleeves, longer length and a curved hem. We were on a roll so made an option for the in-between season too with our white long sleeve t-shirt.

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