Together, we're ending waste.

100 billion garments are produced every year with less than 1% being remade into new clothing. We're driven to change that.

When it’s time to say bye to your clothes, send them to us - they'll be made into new products, or responsibly recycled.

Send us old clothing from any brand and be rewarded. Here's how...

  • Send us your clothing

    We can recover our cotton products and 100% cotton clothing from any brand (excluding denim or underwear). It's totally free to send it, with no printer required.

  • We'll sort it

    We'll sort them depending on the condition and the type of product. They'll either be remade into new products, or responsibly recycled.

  • You'll receive a voucher

    We'll send you £5 store credit each time you return a parcel.

Learn more

Browse FAQs about our recycle scheme, like what happens to the items you send us.