We're making thread not dead

To end waste, we’ve always encouraged you to send back your worn out Rapanui products to be remade through our Remill process. We’re excited to announce we can now recover 100% cotton clothing from any brand, to be remade into new clothing. Together we can make Thread Not Dead.

  • 1. The Label

    If your old clothing is a Rapanui product, or 100% cotton from any other brand, then it can be Remilled*.

  • 2. Enter your email address

    We’ll send a freepost label and posting instructions to your email address (you don’t need a printer).

  • 3. Send it to us

    Once we receive and check the products, we’ll email you a money off code to use on your next purchase.

  • Worn out products are sent to us*

  • We recover and process these products

  • We blend these materials with new organic yarn

  • These are then made into new products for new adventures

Changing how fashion works

Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced. A truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill every second. The textiles industry is the second largest polluter in the world, and slowing fast fashion down a bit won't fix it.

But when we take the waste material at the end, and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything. That's what we've done.

As material flows back in ever bigger quantities, we are increasingly blending Remill into our range and making new products from what otherwise would be waste. Products we're proud to say are rubbish. We use natural materials, renewable energy and print in real-time, so we only print what people need, when they need it. That's what sustainability means to us.

It's called circular fashion and it's the future, remade.

Men's Remill Collection

Women's Remill Collection


What can I send back?

We are accepting any Rapanui clothing as well as clothing made by any brand that is 100% cotton, excluding denim and underwear (denim, because it is often mixed with other fabrics and trickier to recycle, and underwear due to hygiene). Check the label in your clothing to see what fabrics it is composed of. All Rapanui products have a QR code in the care label to identify them, which will take you to a webpage where you can start the returns process. For products which are not Rapanui-made, simply click the link below the FAQs and enter your details to get your Freepost shipping label.

Please note:

UK Remill returns get Free UK Shipping through a paid-for shipping label. Anyone outside the UK will currently need to pay for shipping to send items back to us. We are working on a solution that will enable customers in the US to send items back to be remade free of charge very soon.

Why can't we take back everything?

Many brands use plastic or semi-synthetic materials which we are not currently accepting because it is important to keep the materials stream pure. Our manufacturers are working on the solutions to remaking other fabrics in the future.

How do I send my items back?

You can send both Rapanui & other branded items back together. There is no limit to how many items you can send back.

Any packaging you have at home is great. If you are able to use paper-based tape or paper/cardboard packaging, this is ideal. We will recycle your packaging when it arrives with us.

Can I send things even if they're in good condition?

We want to keep good quality material in circulation as much as possible before it is remade. If you have clothing that is still in good condition, we recommend selling it on or donating it to keep it in its current life. If we receive clothing that is still in great condition, we will pass it on to our hospice partners to be sold in local charity shops.

Do I get store credit for sending things back?

You will receive a Remill credit code for sending clothing back, as a way of saying thank you for jumping into the loop and supporting the circular economy. You can spend this credit here at Rapanui.

Please note:
£25 minimum spend applies to orders using a Remill code