Unpacking the design of the perfect hiking day pack

The story of the Wayfinder backpack started long before the product team opened up their notepads and put pencil to paper. Rapanui photoshoots often demand searching less-visited corners of the Isle of Wight, seeking secluded coves and quiet woodland. There’s always a lot of kit to be carried, cameras, extra layers, and snacks. Backpacks are essential. Yet when we looked at the options available to us, we found that most backpacks were over-engineered, contained plastic, and lacked the simplicity we craved.

We needed to create a functional, reliable backpack that suited our needs and was made with fossil-fuel-free materials. The product team set out to prove that simplicity and sustainability could coexist without compromising durability or functionality.

We removed features we didn’t need, to focus on the things that mattered: volume, materials, durability. The result is the Wayfinder 26L Roll Top Backpack.

How big is a 26L backpack?

A 26L backpack is one of the most popular backpack sizes. It’s the perfect size for travelling, fitting into under-seat and overhead compartments. It strikes a balance between ample storage capacity and portability, making it suitable for trips, hiking, and travel.

The Wayfinder Roll Top Backpack is crafted for exploring the great outdoors. It's big enough to take all the essentials wherever your adventure takes you. Made from a hardwearing organic cotton canvas with a water-resistant coating, with a roll top secured with a metal G hook. It’s a backpack that’s perfect for daily carry or longer trips.

Trail-tested for day hikes

But it’s on day hikes when this pack comes into its own. 26 litres is enough space for everything needed on a day hike: extra layers, food, water, a map, and a surf towel for a mid-hike dip. The inside pocket is a safe place for keys. We’ve been testing the Wayfinder Backpack for the last few months, and it hasn’t let us down. It has withstood scrapes, the odd downpour, and plenty of mud.

Its features include:

  • water-resistant hardwearing canvas
  • roll top for extra protection
  • 26L volume
  • secure metal G hook
  • side pocket for a water bottle
  • inside pocket
  • adjustable straps

The Wayfinder emerged as a solution, a companion designed to carry the essentials, free from over-engineered distractions and fossil-fuel-heavy materials.

Explore the Wayfinder backpack, available in Khaki and Navy.

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