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Tweet any photo to @tshirtplease and we'll tweet it back on a t-shirt for you to save, share or shop.



Faster Fashion, with ethics.

Our commmitments to a better way of doing fashion, more sustainable materials, energy use and ethics, mean that we've got to find other ways to be competitive other than just cutting corners to reduce the price. Technology and innovation is a major part of day to day work at Rapanui.

It might sound quite strange to have coders collaborating with fashion designers on a daily basis, but that's what it's like here - it's just that the fashion guys get the limelight... until now

How we did it

We used our Rapanui API, a programming interface that we've published for developers to plug in to our factory systems. If you can write a bit of code, we've published access points to allow any application anywhere to connect with our supply chain. For @tshirtplease, we connected a standard RaspberryPi running a script in Nodered.js that analyses tweets to @tshirtplease, interacts with the Rapanui API to create and publish a product. It then tweets the sender back a t-shirt product URL to save, share or shop.

Tech helps us in reducing waste at the end of the supply chain, by enabling whole-chain stewardship when we recover old t-shirts, and more recently the technology behind our t-shirt API developers connection has cracked open product creation and launching to allow us to only make products after they have been sold, and deliver them earlier than they would otherwise have arrived. It's meant building a whole new purpose built factory to print our award-winning t-shirts on demand, and developing the technology to run it on and connect to our store.

@tshirtplease is a great demonstration of the power of values-based innovation: Fashion isn't incompatible with going organic, ethical and printing in a wind-powered factory: These t-shirts are, they cost less than the price of a #Raspberrypi.

Try it out now

*use one of your own pictures or designs, a copyright free image or an image you have permission to use. If you want a womens shaped tee, please add the hashtag #womens – By default @tshirtplease creates standard mens / unisex organic cotton t-shirts.


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