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Tshot is a simple, powerful app by Rapanui that lets you get any image on your phone printed on our Award-Winning organic t-shirts & tops.

Using our new low-waste printing technology we've been able to connect our factory to an awesome little app: It lets you take a selfie, an instagram photo or any image you've downloaded and get a unique, one-off print exclusive to you. The idea really comes to life though when combined with other apps...

Doodle app + T-shot = Doodle Fashion
" T-Shot is deceptively simple - you can get any image on a t-shirt. The real utility is in how you use it. Combine with other apps, like doodling tools or photo editors to unlock it's full potential."
rapanui organic cotton top Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin have got the right idea.

After you've downloaded T-shot you'll notice it's minimalism. It's easy to take a photo and get it on a shirt, but it's unlimited potential comes from the ability to combine with other apps. Try doodling in another app, saving to camera roll then loading in t-shot. Doodles + T-shot = Doodle fashion

Our favourite? Well you can't beat a comedy ageify me + t-shot = old man fashion. Perfect for giving to mates on their birthday to remind them of their mortality. It takes around 20 seconds to upload your design to our servers. After that, you can share on facebook, twitter or buy on your mobile via paypal.

Every t-shot order is printed the same day on our Award-Winning organic t-shirts in our factory on the Isle of Wight. Hope you enjoy playing with t-shot, best designs submitted we'll put up on our facebook. Have fun!


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