Rapanui. Our work so far.

Our ambition is to redesign the clothing industry and make it more sustainable.

Our values make our organisation and products totally different. We're not trying to work towards sustainability, our business is built on it. Products we design and produce are made from more sustainable materials like organic cotton and printed in our renewable energy powered factory. As a GOTS certified company, our supply chain is audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. You'll also find cutting-edge low waste printing technology, and as we work towards a circular economy our products can be sent back to us for store credit, even with a custom print on it. We make it easier for people to learn more about how stuff is made by scanning the qr code on every product we make. And our technology reduces barriers to entry and makes sustainability more accessible: Anyone can build a businesses using our tech and our supply chain, for free, at Teemill.


Fundamentally Different.
  • We make products from more sustainable materials in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory and use technology and design to show that ecology and economics can work together. Our company's values mean we're fundamentally different to businesses trying to do their bit: Our whole company is built on it: Our mission is to make clothing more sustainable.
    The outcomes so far? A cleaner supply chain and technologies that make it more affordable for consumers, and accessible for companies at Teemill.com.

At Rapanui we think we have shown that the environment and economy can work together.


Another consequence of a values based business is that things never stop improving. Recently we've reduced waste in our supply chain by developing cutting edge printing technology and then making this available to anyone at Teemill. Or by developing an internet-of-things inspired API, enabling coders to build apps that connect to an entire factory. This reduced waste, reduced cost and and improved sales. It emphasises our view that sustainability and economics do not have to be compromises.

The same values that inspired our first Organic Cotton collections in our shed inspired us (once we got a bit bigger) to see what we could to do help other young, enemployed people on the Isle of Wight. Our apprenticeship and graduate vocational training programs have created an amazing culture at Rapanui, so we made it a priority - the majority of our full time workforce and all but one of our senior management team came through this program - making us a social enterprise according to some.

Fundamentally Different - Everywhere you look.
sustainable clothing

Renewable Energy. From the factory in India that makes the garments, to the factory in the UK that prints the products, and the offices that house the people on desks.

Better Fabrics Organic Cotton, Recycled Plastic, Dacron, Tencel, British Wool and bamboo. Design with lifecycle in mind.

Circular Freepost anything that's got our name on it back to us at backtorapanui.com We'll give you a credit note.

Tech More than just fashion. Our investment in tech means better products, better service and new possibilities - like our Custom T-shirt Studio and Teemill, a platform that lets anyone access our supply chain and build an online business store. Teemill accelerates the transition to more sustainable clothing by improving access: It's free.


A quick supply chain tour

As designers we are working on better information and cleaner products that solve problems when people buy them - as well as technology to improve access. We can't fight against the economy but we can join in and turn things around from the inside, one product at a time.


WINNER Big Venture Challenge 2013 | WINNER HBA Sustainability Award 2012 | WINNER RSPCA Good Business Awards Fashion Innovation 2011 | WINNER Sustainable Business Awards 2010 | Future 100 List of Young Entrepreneurs | Top 100 Startups of 2008 |


David Attenborough

"A most valuable and interesting project" - Sir David Attenborough


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"Truly Sustainable" - BBC Online


Wayne Hemingway MBE

"Truly innovative, What Rapanui are doing is game changing, it is at the cutting edge of technology, " - Wayne Hemingway MBE


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"We love Rapanui for it’s traceability" - The Times


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"Bang on Trend" - The Guardian


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"Rapanui feature in my top 50 global eco companies" -Sir Richard Branson



"A refreshingly open approach - a world first" - The Ecologist


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