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Trainee Programmer (Graduate)
Experience writing PHP, MySQL & Javascript required

At Rapanui, we are committed to the application of technology to make things, better. We are world leaders in on-demand garment print technology, allowing people to build their own webstores through Teemill. We regularly update the Teemill platform, delivering new features and improvements to users. We design interfaces & algorithms for our factory and build tools for our internal sales, stock, & customer service teams.

This involves the use of a broad range of skills including server-side programming in PHP & MySQL, and front-end design with HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will join a growing team of both full-time and apprentice coders who are all working towards the continued improvement and optimisation of the Rapanui/Teemill codebase.

Rapanui is well known for its high growth, fast track and exciting programming careers. Due to the competition for jobs in programming team, this role only suits an applicant with very well refined skills in the aforementioned programming languages. The learning curve to adapt to our infrastructure will be steep. If you aren't really sure you have the ability to fluently produce code, or if you're only just getting started out in coding and want your first break, an apprenticeship is probably the more appropriate choice.

Coding Apprentice
Love coding and want to get paid to do it? Apply now.

Our apprenticeship programme takes young people from the Isle of Wight who love solving problems & who understand the basics of code, and turns them into professional web developers: of our last 5 coding apprentices, 5 were offered full time jobs.

Training is on-the-job: apprentices write code for real projects that make a real-life difference, whilst receiving high quality coaching from more experienced members of the team. However, we're not a charity - to make a success of your apprenticeship, you'll be required to keep up a personal reading and practice routine that's not for the faint hearted. There's a lot to learn in 1 year.

Of our last 5 coding apprentices, 5 got full time, salaried jobs. Three ended up in management. Our training is award-winning.

We operate a 9-5, Monday to Friday routine with paid holiday to help apprentices adapt to working life. Our headquarters, where apprentices are trained, is in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight in a newly refurbished factory.

If you are good at solving problems, love coding, and are willing to invest in yourself - we'd love to hear from you.






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