Rapanui Bag

Our bag is for real life: Designed for every day use from chucking in wetsuits and towels to holding a few bits for camping, or wearing whilst you cycle to work. Water resistant, zip-and-clip compact closure, extra foam back padding that doubles as a sit-down mat and a nifty little pocket on the front.
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Product Specification

70% recycled dacron sail cloth, 10% recycled army surplus, 10% recycled camping foam mat, 10% misc polyesther webbing and fixtures (approximate). Hand made on the Isle of Wight, designed for a circular economy.

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Our Rapanui Bag has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5

- based on 4 reviews

pretty solid bag

Seems like a bombproof bag! Wish straps were just a bit thicker, as these trendy nordic style ones are good but if you actually take it up ben nevis or whatever, you want more support. Overall, i was really happy with it. You can tell it's been hand made, real nice attention to detail. Would definitely recommend especially as the customer service was amazing

Manufacturing (or design) flaw?

Nice well-made bag generally, good concept etc. Few issues though:
1) As the previous reviewer says, the straps don't work for this size of bag. Too narrow, and absolutely no padding.
2) Exterior pocket too small - fits keys and phone (just about) but nothing else.
2) Big internal space with no interior pocket. There's a dividing panel, but it's missing that line of stitching at the bottom which would turn it into a useful pocket. Production error, or inexplicable design choice? Who knows! As it is, the internal flap gets in the way, and all your small to medium stuff ends up in a soup at the bottom of a pretty cavernous bag.

Peter Le Couteur

Great for chucking in gear to go on my boat!

Bag for life

I've been using my Rapanui bag for almost 3 years now. Its survived countless trips to the beach, a tour through India, daily commutes through London, dozens of weekends away and several washes and it still has plenty of life left in it. Worth every penny.


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Ecolabel Rating

Just as your crisps tell you they have high fat or salt content, or your light bulbs tell you if they're efficient or not, we think the high street should clearly, honestly tell you how clothing is made.

After all, it’s not that people don’t care about this stuff, it’s just they don’t know. And it’s hard to find out.

Eco Label A
Our Rapanui Bag has an Ecolabel rating of A

Our ecolabels basically sum up the whole picture. So an organic t-shirt ethically made in a wind powered factory, where you can trace the origins too, gets an A. One that’s made from a less sustainable material, in a conventional factory with ok ethics but unclear origins, well, that’ll get a C or a D. Really, this is the job for governments, but since they’re not doing it, and we’re not prepared to wait, we launched our own. Turns out you guys care, and responded by buying loads of our A rated stuff. Unfortunately, we still have a few shelves full of D rated pants at the warehouse. But we can’t complain, that’s the whole point: To empower you to make a choice, to turn sustainability into a market force.

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Ethical Low Carbon Organic

Sail cloth is collected and delivered to storage at Wightsails in Smallbrook and the bags are hand made by tailors at Wightsails, to a pattern designed by Rapanui.

Bags are designed to be collected at the end of life (consumer financially rewarded for their return) and material is recovered to be remade into future bags, an effective circular economy.

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