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Everyone loves a good hoody, but it's hard to find the right quality. Look no further - this organic cotton pullover hoody will soon become your favourite.
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The origins of the humble hoody can be traced back to medieval Europe where monks decided to pop a hood on their robes for decoration. It’s still cool. And it was cold conditions in US East Coast warehouses that brought it back for dock workers in the 1930s. On this occasion it was less to do with decoration and more to do with stopping your ears falling off. From frostbite to feudalism, port to pulpit, the hoody is one of those great fashion items that combines both form and functionality.

But we live in an era of advanced technology. Of resources, design skills and manufacturing facilities beyond the wildest dreams of the millers and weavers that made the first hooded garments. What would happen if you took a timeless style that reflects humanities basic need of warmth and comfort, and then reinvented it? You’d get something that’s softer. Like 100% certified organic cotton made in India in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory. A lofted inner fleece that is so silky warm it makes the best M&S hot chocolate sound like sandpaper in comparison.

And what if the shape was completely refreshed by garment technicians used to creating some of the finest tailoring in Britain?

It would mean simple, strong detail and a natural fitting feel that is hard to find anywhere.

And it’s often the details that matter, like crisp white drawstrings and super soft cuffs.

That’s what has gone in to making our new organic cotton hoodies. That and something else: Care. Caring about the products we make, how they are made means better products. Like every product we make, our new hoodies come with completely free returns and exchanges paid both ways. And like every Rapanui product, when it’s worn, battered and ready for replacement, you can send it back to us free and receive store credit from us in return.

Brushed 3-ply Certified 100% Organic Cotton Hoody (300g/m2) / Made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory / Low Carbon / GM Free / Hand Finished in the UK / Cool Wash, Hang Dry

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Award-Winning Traceability

It is impossible to make an ethical choice if you don’t know where clothing comes from and how it is made. Very few people do these days, even high-street stores themselves. At Rapanui you can investigate the whole supply chain and find out the details about where this item was made, who made it, and how it got here, from Seed to shop. It is called traceability.

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Our Organic Cotton Hoody has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5

- based on 2 reviews

Post-surf goodness

Simple but great little hoody. Lighter in weight than you might expect, but gloriously soft and surpisingly warm. Great for layering up after a cold-water session.

Amazing Quality, just one small issue.

I recently bought this hoody in black, and I must say the quality is incredible, so soft and warm. I did get a custom print on the back, whilst i sill must say I love this hoody and am overall satisfied the colours of my print were not as vibrant as I had hoped and the print seemed slightly blurry (although this may be down to the quality of picture I sent in-if this was the case it would have been good to know so that I could have tried to improve the quality of the image). Anyway as I have said previously the product on its own its of top quality, you will not find better in my opinion. C

Calum Murphy

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Ecolabel Rating

Just as your crisps tell you they have high fat or salt content, or your light bulbs tell you if they're efficient or not, we think the high street should clearly, honestly tell you how clothing is made.

After all, it’s not that people don’t care about this stuff, it’s just they don’t know. And it’s hard to find out.

Eco Label A

Our Organic Cotton Hoody has an Ecolabel rating of A

Our ecolabels basically sum up the whole picture. So an organic t-shirt ethically made in a wind powered factory, where you can trace the origins too, gets an A. One that’s made from a less sustainable material, in a conventional factory with ok ethics but unclear origins, well, that’ll get a C or a D. Really, this is the job for governments, but since they’re not doing it, and we’re not prepared to wait, we launched our own. Turns out you guys care, and responded by buying loads of our A rated stuff. Unfortunately, we still have a few shelves full of D rated pants at the warehouse. But we can’t complain, that’s the whole point: To empower you to make a choice, to turn sustainability into a market force.

More information on Ecolabels

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