Low Waste: Organic T-shirt Printing

Our new low waste (and certified organic) printing technology was developed to reduce wastage, cut costs, and improve print quality. Now over 90% of our t-shirts are printed in this way, halving waste and allowing us to reduce prices by 25%

When we were designing the production floor we were wondering if we could connect with our IT systems that run the Rapanui online store with miscellaneous pieces of printing machinery and spent a couple of months hibernating to see if we could write the code and adapt the kit. What emerged worked really well. We estimate it cuts wastage by over 50% whilst using a much lower impact printing process, and is now certified organic.

The outcome is that our business is now designed around this tech that enables us to manufacture in real time. At our UK factory, products are made in the seconds after they have been ordered. We've made this supply chain accessable, open to anyone - individuals, charities, artists or other brands - to use completely free at teemill.com

Low Waste T-shirt Printing in a sentence
  • Our new low waste printing technology was developed at Rapanui HQ and uses animal friendly inks (no animal derived products and not tested on animals). It allows us to print with more vibrant colour and much less waste. Saving waste means saving money, and with increased efficiency we've been able to reduce prices by 25%. This tech is available for anyone to use, free, to sell t-shirts online at Teemill.com

We also print for some of Europes biggest brands. If you're looking for bulk t-shirt printing read more at Rapanui Factory.

Low Waste printing look, feel and artwork
dtg printer

Our new print tech allows gradients, unlimited colours and fine details. It's possible to print a photo on any t-shirt and we've built technology to connect all this to cool stuff like our free T-Shot App that allows you to get any photo on a t-shirt, or Rapanui studio that allows you to design t-shirts online.

Our new printing tech is high quality. Ink sits 'in' the fabric not on it - they feel very high quality and are the finest way to decorate a t-shirt.

We rolled this tech out to B2B customers too on our new bulk printing service, Rapanui factory.

It's come a long way

Our last update on printing technology was discussing plastisol vs. water based screen printing inks. Since then we've completely changed the technology, including the inks and curing method, plus digitised and automated much of our printing process. It's come a long way.

Our new print technology also integrates with digital systems, making projects like Rapanui Studio and our T-Shot App possible. For developers, we have a T-shirt printing API


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The latest SCAP assessment report shows Rapanui is already ahead of the EU 20:20 carbon emissions reduction targets.

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