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Rapanui is a high growth, fast paced e-commerce business that's won lots of awards for it's innovative approach to sustainable design, technology and on-the-job vocational training. Our apprenticeship training programmes are designed to create radical changes in career path for talented young Islanders who lack opportunities to make a success of their careers outside of London. In the last 18 months, all of the apprentices that completed their qualifications with us got a full time, salaried job at Rapanui.


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  • Over the last three years we have taken 20 young Islanders through a successful apprenticeship programme and into a full-time, salaried career at Rapanui. Almost all of our full time staff built their career by joining as an apprentice. Rapanui is a fast growing company that doubles in size each year and so we are on the lookout almost all of the time as the size of our team grows. We train and prepare young people for full time positions in our award-winning company, and continue training in year 2 and 3 to hopefully place trainees into management positions as they mature and gain experience. Apprentices are paid, and get a NVQ level 2 or 3 qualification accredited by a third party training provider.

If you'd like an exciting year of learning, to earn a qualification and get one of the coolest jobs on the Isle of Wight at the end, fill out the application form.


Apprenticeship Success Stories



Back in 2011, I was unemployed and arranged a work experience placement at the Sandown Store. I was offered a position in the apprenticeship programme which I graduated from with a full time, salaried job offer at Rapanui. Fast foward a few crazy years and I am now the financial director and head of operations as well as well as becoming a partner in the company recently. The in-house training has been non-stop over the last few years and has given me expert knowledge in business and finance, as well as taking me abroad to India and around Europe visiting factories. Joining this company has been life changing for me and my family.


Web Development

I started my apprenticeship hoping to gain a skill, and a basic job at the end of the end of the year. What I actually got was far more than I imagined - I learned enough to start a career as a professional software developer and progressed into a supervisory position, then earned a pay rise after only a short time in my full time job. That was 2 years ago - I'm now the head of the technology department and a part of the senior management team here, as well as a shareholder. My responsibilities are a little more strategic now, and have grown to include hiring & training new apprentices, and mentoring graduate apprentices who are working towards higher level jobs.



After deciding that university wasn’t quite right for me, I thought an apprenticeship would be just the thing to learn some new skills and gain experience in a hands on environment. Upon starting I felt like I’d learnt more in my first two months than my entire year at uni! It’s great to be a part of something so fast-paced, and having the opportunity to work my way towards a management position after a while was something I really appreciate now. Recently I've been given the responsibility to lead the B2B sales team and train some of the new colleagues that we're hiring as we grow.



I left the Isle of Wight college and I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew University life didn't suit me, so I applied for an apprenticeship at Rapanui in IT. After spending a week helping with the logistics of a large delivery, I asked to change my role a bit as I really enjoyed the stock management process in warehousing (It's like real life minecraft, and I love minecraft). That's what I do at Rapanui for a living now. I feel like the company has helped me build confidence and grow as a person as much as I have a worker and my ambition is to manage a bigger team in the future.



I had a go at University, but after a few attempts I realised it wasn’t for me as I wanted to get stuck into the working world. I was keen to get a hands on apprenticeship which would offer me endless amounts of training and real experiences. Rapanui has provided me with exactly what I wanted and needed for my career. After finishing my apprenticeship I got a full time job in the sales team, contributing to the company’s growth, which is a great feeling. My day to day work is always different. Speaking to customers, sometimes celebrities! Solving problems and making sure the factory team have what they need for production.



During my year apprenticeship I was trained as a professional lithographic printer and developed the skills I needed to operate a commercial scale production line on my own. I got a full time job at Rapanui when I completed my qualification and now I'm I run the B2B printing division at the new factory in Freshwater. I think what Rapanui does for the new staff members is awesome and for me it's really good to be able to repay that by giving the same time, attention and training to the new colleagues or apprentices that join as we expand.


Web Development

I started my apprenticeship at Rapanui after graduating from college without any work experience and only a tiny bit of web coding experience, but I knew I wanted and was able to be a developer if I had the right opportunity. During my apprenticeship I was given the skills that allowed me to go on to become a professional, full time programmer. The training has carried on into full time employment as I've kept working at improving my skills and I now lead some of the most high tech projects in the dev team. My favourite thing to do is write code, and it's awesome to get paid to do it full time.



I was working casually in seasonal jobs before applying for a production apprenticeship at Rapanui. I wanted to do a real career. The job was exciting from the first day because progression goes as fast as you can keep up. I trained as a digital printer, then as a lithographer and became full time quality control manager when I finished. This year I was promoted and asked to supervise a project where we converted a massive supermarket building in Freshwater into a new factory. It says a lot about the company that they trusted me, trained me and gave me the opportunity to do that.


Apprenticeship Graduate

Piers joined Rapanui looking for a career after a spell at a phone shop that lead to a seasonal redundancy. All apprentices that apply themselves end up in full time work. Piers is a rare case of moving on from Rapanui, and his story is a successful one nevertheless. After graduating, Piers took a position at a company that shares employment/recruitment links with Rapanui, as he decided he wanted a career in an industry we do not operate in. Two years later, he is now a full time business development manager there and has bought himself a convertible. He still plays for Rapanui FC as a striker, very, very occasionally finding the net.


Customer Service

After working full time as a chef and trying university I knew that it wasn’t the option for me, one of my friends who had completed the apprenticeship at Rapanui told me there was an opening. I jumped at the chance to start an apprenticeship with them. I started working in production before moving to customer service, and then training some more to work in the Teemill department. I also help oversee stock procurement - and that’s only after 4 months. I appreciate being treated like a professional, and pushed to be my best each day. This place gives me the opportunities I needed to get more out of myself and satisfy my determination to grow a decent career for myself.



Before I joined Rapanui I was a self employed painter and decorator but after a few years of that I realised it wasn’t the career for me and wanted a change. At 24 I thought maybe I was too old to join an apprenticeship but my friend told me to apply anyway. My apprenticeship started on the production floor focusing on digital printing. Within my first year I was asked to develop some process improvements and got a full time job which included both some management training and a chance to carry on with designing the way we work. 2 years since starting, I now manage all on-demand printing shifts and quality processes in the digital factory, which is pretty cool.


Graphic Design

In the first two weeks of my apprenticeship, I learnt so much more than in years of being in a classroom. I basically had one-on-one tuition from the head designer. In my first year I've designed a Rapanui collection and created tees for some of the biggest business customers we have. It's weird to see my designs being printed, or worn by famous people. I've recently qualified and got a full time job in the creative / marketing team as I've developed my writing skills this year too. I'm 17 and since the start, the guys treated me like a grown up and said "if you're good enough, you're old enough" - Rapanui has helped me become more confident and I feel like I'm just getting started.


Web Development

When I finished my college course in IT I had no work experience or any knowledge of working within a business. From the moment I started my apprenticeship I knew that it was a great opportunity for me. I was taught so much in both web development and being a key individual in a team from the very beginning. Sometimes it was really hard work but looking back I'm grateful for being challenged as it helped me develop the discipline and focus I needed to make the most of my abilities with a computer. I'm now a full time programmer at Rapanui working in the web dev team on some really cool stuff.



I left college in 2015 and worked in a kitchen for a while then became unemployed. The job center arranged a work experience placement at Rapanui and I found it really friendly, the guys gave me some proper responsibility and treated me with respect. So I worked as hard as I could and applied for an apprenticeship that came up. I now work full time as a lithography technician in the screen printing team. I've made some really good friends in my team and we all have the same drive and determination. It's nice to actually love coming to work each day and feel like you're good at what you do.


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If you're a driven, hard working and ambitious young person on the Isle of Wight, you could join Rapanui and become part of our positive and fast paced team working on the production floor in manufacturing, logistics and technology, or in our office working in customer care or coding. We're growing really fast and creating new jobs regularly. If you'd like to apply, use our application form now.

Available Job Positions

Professional programmer? We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a passion for coding to join our constantly expanding dev team.

At Rapanui, we are committed to the application of technology to make things, better. We are world leaders in on-demand garment print technology, allowing people to build their own webstores through Teemill. We regularly update the Teemill platform, delivering new features and improvements to users. We design interfaces & algorithms for our factory and build tools for our internal sales, stock, & customer service teams.

The ideal candidate will have a desire to build world-class software and will be able to provide examples of previous code projects.

Two years' experience working in PHP, MySQL & Javascript required.

Love solving problems? We're looking for self-motivated, responsible applicants who are passionate about coding and who want to get their career started.

This fast-track training programme has so far taken 5 young individuals into full time professional programming careers at Rapanui.

Applicants should have GCSEs of C or above in Maths, English and IT. A basic acquaintance with HTML, CSS and any server-side language at hobbyist level are required. Basic knowledge in PHP / MySQL would be very helpful to get off to a fast start.

Our communications team has an amazing opportunity for a talented young person looking to get started in a communications career as an apprentice customer support agent.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is eager to learn and with an enthusiasm for great service. Our team delivers customer service online and over the phone to thousands of customers all over the world, via our platform Teemill and house brand Rapanui.

Apprentices are not expected to have lots of previous experience.

What do we require from our Apprentices?

  • A can-do attitude
  • Polite, tactful and well-presented
  • Great spoken English and communication skills
  • Willingness to learn and improve

What do we provide?

  • An introduction to the world of work through our award-winning apprenticeship training program
  • An opportunity to learn vital customer interaction skills
  • One to one coaching with our customer service manager

What does this lead to?

  • In the last 2 years, all of our apprentices that finished their course were offered a full-time job
  • Fast tracking your career towards supervisory opportunities
  • A challenging, positive and confidence-building year as you get started in a job with real future potential

If you have what we're looking for - we'd love to hear from you. Please apply by using the link below

Apprenticeship FAQ's

Yes: We pay the national apprenticeship wage for the first 6 months probationary period, at which point we review contracts and adjust for the next six months depending on performance. As most of our apprentices go into jobs in only a year in place of graduates who may have paid up to £30,000 or more on tuition fees, we think our programme is excellent value; It's why Rapanui's apprenticeship programme is oversubscribed and has built a reputation for results.

The apprentice has the opportunity to choose (and sometimes change) the qualification they are aiming for, which is usually a GNVQ level 2 or 3. The apprentice can choose between a wide range of subjects, from warehousing to IT, operations, finance, admin, customer care, retail or more. The value of working in a professional environment, self-respect, can-do attitude and drive that apprentices develop, we believe, is equally important.

We operate a 9-5, Monday-Friday routine for apprentices with paid holiday to help apprentices adapt to working life. Our headquarters, where apprentices are trained, is in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight in a new refurbished factory.

The plan is to get a full time, salaried job. In the last 2 years, every apprentice that completed their qualification has been offered a job with us. In fact, it's more expensive for us to train an apprentice than hire an experienced professional: We see that as an investment, as apprentices are better able to continue to learn and adapt which matters to us, as we're a growing business. We lose out big time if we train an apprentice and dont hire them at the end: So we do everything to make sure that happens. Fundamentally though, it's down to how much the apprentice applies themselves to the lessons learned, as we can only do so much. We really want you to succeed!

Rapanui use an ofsted-audited training provider to deliver official qualifications and give apprentices a third party point of contact. Our apprenticeship programme has won awards for social impact, including the Big Venture Challenge, which recognised the massive changes in quality of life we're creating for young unemployed people on the Isle of Wight.

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