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How to make more money from your app

Your app just did some clever stuff with images. Now what? Don't trash the UX with ads. Let your user buy it on a t-shirt...



how to make more money from app development
The app market isn't what it used to be

There's been a lot of talk among indie developers about how the app market isn't what it used to be. The days where a genuine independent developer had a good chance of building an app and make a living from the sales are, let's face it, over. In response to jailbreaking and the app store shaving off profits, developers moved to ads, and whilst it works for some, you need some major volume to make those pennies ad up. And let's face it, the customer likes a popup advert about as much as swalling glass.

App developers juggle the cost of the app, the annoyance of powerups and adverts and user experience. But it doesn't have to be this way.

But for the smart guys, it's even better.

Many apps are used to manipulate images, photos, draw stuff - or, we've all been there- photoshop our friends faces into ridiculous situations. We used our Rapanui API and developed it into a mobile-friendly platorm in response to an enquiry from Rovio, surely the worlds best-known app developer. The outcome means that, rather than charging for the app, selling powerups or trashing the UX with an ad, a developer can easily give the user the option to get that photo printed on a t-shirt. The integration is copy-and paste, and with an SDK in multiple languages, takes around an hour start-to-finish.

For the app developer, who takes home half the profit, it means a smoother UX and the chance to earn pounds, rather than pennies.

Even for apps that dont manipulate images, it's a simple and easy way to sell themed merch from your app by recycling your character graphics and allowing fans to buy limited edition tees of their favourite characters: You dont need to hold stock, build a shop or rent a warehouse: We print and post direct and handle all the customer service. The checkout process and packaging are completely white label: Customise to fit with your brand guidelines.

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