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The stories from fashion supply chains connected to our high streets make for tough reading. It's complex and we're not perfect, but we think we've got a long way along the journey to fixing it.

Ethical fashion is about people. The people who farm the cotton, the people who cut and sew our t-shirts in India - the environment too, as the people who inherit the land can't pay for our bargain today by suffering tomorrow. The people who work at our factory or offices in the UK matter equally. Better design of one product can mean a better quality of life for hundreds or even thousands of people.

Ethical fashion in 10 seconds
  • We are not a company that tries to argue about right or wrong, we prefer the word enable. Our aim is to try and make it easier for people to find out where clothing comes from, how it is made and who made it. Our hope - and our evidence suggests - that consumers who have good information go ahead and make better choices. They don't need to be told - it's not that they don't care. People just don't know, and need to be shown. We make clothes from 100% Certified organic cotton, in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory and provide traceability - plus handy clothing ecolabels at the point of purchase.

In 2010 Rapanui won the RSPCA Good Business Award for Fashion Innovation for our work on Ethical Fashion.

What does eco fashion mean?
"The best designers orchestrate their supply chain and so ethical fashion starts at design. Most of our products are soft casual wear styles so we use organic cotton, and make our clothes in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory."

Organic farming means less pesticides and fertilisers that seriously affect the health of those who use them, especially in India where health & safety traning and equipment is hard to come by.

Organic Cotton Certification comes with some requirements as to the labour force, covering forced or child labour, workers rights and fair pay. The factory that makes all our products subscribes to the Fairwear Foundation code of practises meaning safe, well lit and well paid working conditions - you can see the sewing hall in the photo and see more in our trace maps.

In the UK Rapanui has gained national recognition for it's work investing in social impact, helping solve youth unemployment on the Isle of Wight with it's award-winning apprenticeship academy.

Doing the right thing is pointless unless it can be grown and sustained. Our ecolabelling and traceability tools are compatible with business and scale.

Each Briton spends on average £630 on clothing each year equivalent to 50 items. Few people consider where an item was made, how it was made and who made it

Millions of garment and textile workers face poor working conditions and limits on their rights and freedoms every day. We have worked to tackle the social injustice in fashion supply chains by creating our business around a supply chain that is traceable, considerate of the people in it and their futures, and funded with a business model designed to give our customers better information, to make better choices, to find out where our clothing comes from and how it is made.

Most importantly, we try and make our clothes bang on trend so you can buy in to ethical fashion.

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