How Should I Wash My Clothes?

A recent DEFRA study has shown that eco-friendly detergents and washing liquids are neither more expensive nor less effective than regular washing.

Cotton needs around 20,000 litres of water per kg to grow; A standard wash cycle uses a further 60 Litres of fresh clean drinking water for each load, and on average 80% of the carbon emissions in the total lifecycle of a t-shirt occur post purchase; when washing and tumble drying clothing.

  • With this much impact just from washing and drying clothing, it’s important to think before you wash.

Reducing waste of water and CO2 emissions is important, but even if you shop for organic or sustainable textiles, the wastewater that washing machines send to your sink can have some nasty effects on the environment.

Discharging phosphates to the waste water stream promotes the growth of green algae which, in excess, can limit the survival of various water-based organisms. The World Wildlife Foundation recommends washing liquids containing less than 5% phosphates. The best eco-labelled detergents do not contain any phosphates and are said to be 100% biodegradable.

We've done some recon and found the best eco friendly washing detergents, and put them in a leaderboard. Wash with any detergent that scores over 10 on the list below...

Bio-D laundry detergent [S]17 Faith in Nature laundry detergent [A,S]17 ECOS laundry detergent [A,S]16 Sodasan washing powder and liquid15.5 ecoleaf laundry liquid [S,A]14.5 Lilly's Eco Clean laundry liquid14.5 Sonett washing powder and liquid14 Dri Pak cleaning ingredients13.5 Ecover laundry detergent [S]13.5 Ecozone laundry liquid13.5 Simply washing powders [A, S]13.5 Method laundry liquid13 Astonish laundry detergent [A]12 ATTITUDE laundry detergent12 Planet Clean laundry liquid10.5 ACDO laundry detergent [A]10 Alur laundry detergent9.5 Clean 'N Fresh laundry detergent9.5 Surcare laundry detergent9.5 Dr. Beckmann stain removers & whiteners9 Easy laundry detergent9 Morning Fresh washing powder9 Dettol antibacterial laundry supplement6.5 Shout stain remover6.5 Vanish cleaning products6.5 Woolite laundry liquid6.5 Comfort fabric softener2.5 Persil laundry detergent2.5 Surf laundry detergent2.5 Ariel laundry detergent1.5 Bold laundry Detergent1.5 Daz laundry detergent1.5 Dreft laundry detergent1.5 Fairy laundry detergent1.5 Lenor fabric softener1.5

The higher the rating the more ethical the brand. This scorecard was last updated September 2014 but some individual company ratings may have changed since then. Based on scoring system.

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