International Polar Bear Day

polar bear on melting ice

International Polar Bear Day is an event that happens on the 27th February. The aim is to raise awareness about polar bears, their conservation status and the effect that climate change has on them.

Polar bears are some of the biggest carnivores on the planet, spending most of their time in and around the icy waters of the Arctic. Seals are their main source of food, along with the occasional whale carcass, as they need to store a lot of fat for the summer months. Their incredible sense of smell allows them to be able to detect a seal up to a kilometre away and a metre below the compacted snow – how incredible is that?

With the rising temperatures and sea levels, resulting in less Arctic sea-ice, it’s very difficult for polar bears to find enough food for them and their families.

The lack of ice coverage means polar bears have to swim further and longer to find a good source of food.

In one study, a bear swam for nine consecutive days and covered almost 400 miles in search of food, losing 22% of its body mass and a cub in the process. But it’s not just the animals that are affected – The melting ice caps are causing sea levels to rise dangerously high, with many places all over the world flooding as a result.

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