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We asked the guys at Rapanui to get together and asked them what they want for Christmas from Rapanui and come up with a collection of our best products in one big gift guide. Looking back through we’re thinking we want all of it, so whatever your budget, you can’t go wrong: These are sure fire winners he’s going to love. And remember, as well as coming in lush plant-based packaging that is bursting with colour, in the basket when you check out you can add a little message – So even if you’re not there to wrap it in person, your gift will show up looking and feeling amazing. And swapping an item or returning after Christmas if it’s the wrong size and colour is totally cool, we extend this out to the 7th of January if you checkout today.

1. Flannel shirt

This one was a unanimous vote-in for one simple reason: Amongst all the guys at Rapanui in the room, every single one was wearing one of our flannel shirts. We set out with a mission to make a better flannel shirt because we couldn’t find one that was a really cool fit, with rad checked patterns and built to last. Our flannel shirts are made from organic cotton too, so they’re extra soft. Built to last and at £50 – or under if you buy them in a bundle – and with free UK shipping as standard. If you pick one main present, this is the one to go for. Full flannel range.

mens flannel shirt

2. Woolly jumper

A really good woolly jumper should be something that he keeps for years, and that ages with him. Ours are designed and made in the UK from spinning through to knitting, and the extra care that goes in to making them is exactly why they make such a great gift. The first impression taking this one out of the packaging is how unbelievably soft the wool is, and how rich the yarn is with tiny variations in colour – you can see that this product is a story about craftmanship, skill and manufacturing in the UK – it makes you feel like it’s built to last. He’ll never take it off. Woolly jumpers.

British Wool Jumpers

3. Rad Stocking Fillers

If you’re looking for a few extra mini presents or little treats to make the day extra fun, our pants and socks packs are ideal. We designed these with a variety of different colours, from totally crazy party pants to seriously serious day to day socks. Whatever his character, from disco print to plain grey, every single pair has a special ingredient that makes them feel especially comfortable. To make our pants we use certified organic cotton – he’ll really appreciate the extra comfort where it counts. Stocking fillers.

Mens Stocking fillers

4. Custom Tees

Sometimes, personalised presents can be the most memorable. At Rapanui our awesome print technology lets you design and order your own products online. Whatever you design, we print to order the same day in the Rapanui factory, right here on the Isle of Wight and ship directly to you. A great idea if you’re looking to gift something a little more personal this Christmas. Custom Studio.

5. The Surf Towel

The surftowel has a cult like following amongst Rapanui customers and whilst you might wonder whether or not he’ll even like it (or wonder what it even is?!) trust us – If he goes anywhere near the coast, changes in and out of boardshorts or a wetsuit to go surfing or whatever, he needs one. Every single beach bum in our office swears by the surf towel and the local surf carpark is full of them. Made from extra absorbent organic cotton towelling, it’s super soft, and without any synthetics it wont go all smelly if he leaves it in the boot of the car for a day or… a week. Surprise him and plan your next beach adventure together. Surf Towel.

surf towel

6. Radical organic cotton tees

T-shirts are what we’re known for. Our tees come in a proven shape with a little 21st century coolness designed in, made from our famously soft organic cotton and with the choice of either rad designs that are thoughtful and unique, or in plain packs for everyday wear. There’s so many popular tees that it’s really hard to choose a good one, so we’ll link to the bestselling tees range here and let you browse through.

Men's Organic Cotton Prints

7. Campaign Prints

Our collaboration prints with charities are printed on the same famously soft organic cotton tees, but designed in collaboration with a charity or cause and with a percentage of proceeds going to charity. From the CND which campaigns for nuclear disarmament, to Marine Conservation charities that work to save our seas, there’s an incredible gift with a story that makes a difference too. Campaign prints.

Men's Collaboration Prints

9. Bundles

We thought that maybe you’ll want to buy a few bits that go together and also that you might be up for a getting a deal if you’re splashing out a little extra for him: So we’ve put together a fresh set of bundles, our super popular product packs. Remember there’s free post on top too when you spend more than £50. Gift bundles.

Men's Bundles

So there’s our gift guide for folks looking for an amazing present for him. We have asked the ladies at work to do the same, perfect if you’re looking for a gift for her.

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