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How to make more money from your application in under a minute.

Copy & Paste Code

Use our sample code library to get your integration working today.

var canvas = document.getElementById("mycanvas");
var img = canvas.toDataURL("image/png");

// import flash.display.BitmapData;
// import flash.display.Sprite;
// import flash.utils.ByteArray;

public function uploadImage(designFile:Sprite):void
	var bitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(Constants.TSHIRT_UPLOAD_WIDTH_MAX, Constants.TSHIRT_UPLOAD_HEIGHT_MAX, true, 0x00000000);

	PNGEncoder2.level = CompressionLevel.FAST;  // Optional. Defaults to FAST
	var encoder:PNGEncoder2 = PNGEncoder2.encodeAsync(bitmapData);
	encoder.targetFPS = 20;  // Optional. Defaults to 20. Lower FPSs yield faster compression
	encoder.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, function (e):void {
var image:ByteArray = encoder.png;

UIImage *designFile= [UIImage imageNamed:@"design_file.png"];
NSData *imageData = UIImagePNGRepresentation(designFile);

$design_file_path = PATH_APP . '/images/design_file.png';
$design_file = $file_get_contents($design_file_path);

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How to connect and take your app revenue to the next level.

01: Get your API key

Our t-shirt API is designed to help people make more money from apps. It’s free to set up and run an API account. Once you've tapped in a few details you'll get your API key so you can start developing.

02: Get sample code

In the step-by-step installation guide, we provide some sample code covering iPhone, Android and web integrations. You can copy and paste to your heart's content, or simply use it as a point of reference. It's as simple as POSTing your image and API key to our access URL with a few variables you can customise.

03: Style to fit your branding

Everything from the point you POST to the API is white label. We know how important seamless integration is for conversion rate optimisation, not to mention maintaining your brand throughout the user experience. Login to set up your logo, background, colours and text on everything from the t-shirt ordering page to the packaging that arrives on the customer's doorstep.

04: Launch your app

Once you're happy with your code, you can launch your app and start making money. It's fire and forget - the simplicity of the API and responsive design of the cart means you won't need to update and republish your app. And as we take care of all the t-shirt printing, posting, returns and exchanges, you can sit back and enjoy the wait for your payment at the end of the month.

Built for developers

Our API is flexible, powerful and reliable.


With currency conversion as standard plus international postage within a week, you can increase revenue wherever you are in the world.


Our award-winning factory produces some of the highest quality printed shirts in the world. We take care of t-shirts for some of Europe's biggest brands. You're in good company.


The product page and cart can be styled in your account control panel to give a truly seamless integration. Set logos, colours, background, fonts and even the design and look of the packaging.


We know how important consistent fulfillment quality is. With a capacity of 200,000 garments a week, we handle demand from some of Europe's biggest brands.


Print on demand T-shirts delivered anywhere within days.

"93% of t-shirts delivered next day, award-winning sustainabilitiy and a team that you can talk to anytime."

There's a reason we're trusted by the biggest brands for t-shirt supply. We deliver one-off prints all over the world, with service so good your customer will think we're local.

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The Best Features

Designed for seamless integration.



Break free from app store fees and illegal downloads and get back to making strong revenue by selling unique, real and high quality products. Sell any image from your app on a t-shirt. You keep half the profit.



Our factory prints high quality t-shirts in full colour, and ships direct. If your app is visual, design based or manipulates photos you're a line of code away from letting users buy those designs in real life.



Your user experience can be tailored in your account control panel to give a truly seamless integration. Set up your brand logo, colours and checkout button styles and even style the packaging and order update emails.



Choose which currency and language you'd like to sell your products in, off you go. We're a UK based company that has the capability to deliver a unique, one-off t-shirt anywhere in the world within a week.



The POST method means you can send any image file to our API, along with your key, and we'll return a url with the product ready for your users to buy. We supply sample code for Objective-C, AS3, HTML5 and more so that you can get connected within an hour.



The cart and checkout process is completely customisable and fully secure. Paypal Express and Stripe power purchases giving great protection from card fraud. As we take payment then send you royalties from completed sales there's no exposure.



We take care of all the t-shirt printing, packing and posting. Returns, exchanges and questions? We'll handle that too in our dedicated fulfillment centre in the UK. We only print on 100% organic cotton in our ethically accredited, wind powered factory.



Like to log in and check how your stats are performing? Download your customer database, check up on individual orders and check your conversion rates? You'll love our dashboard. It's super easy to navigate and keep tabs on your sales. We fulfill, you're in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

How much will I earn?

Depending on your account and sales volume, you'll take half the profit from each sale - typically around £3 per tee for new customers. To see how much you will earn, click here.

What are the requirements for my app?

You can create great t-shirts from drawing apps, photo editing apps or even joke apps. We will audit your app before approval and won't approve anything aggressively offensive or explicit, rip off ideas or apps of a very low quality.

How do I get started?

Create an account and follow our integration guide with copy-and-paste code examples, provided in multiple programming languages.

What if I have multiple apps?

One user account can create multiple profiles for multiple apps. You can seperate sales reports and style each checkout experience individually.

What if I'm an agency, or licensor?

Want to split the revenues? We make it easy. Just set the share and the recipients. We'll make the payments and provide the reports.

What documentation is available for the API?

We provide a full integration guide with variables, example code, and user interface tips. If there's anything that isn't covered, we are more than happy to answer any enquiries.

Can I rely on this?

Yes. Some of Europe's biggest brands rely on our merchandise API and factory to deliver print on demand shirts year round. Tech wise, our in-house team works full time on maintaining, improving and developing new systems.

And the quality?

Our Award-Winning brand was built on product quality. We only print on the finest heavyweight 100% organic cotton t-shirts made in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory.

What Developers Say

“I have no idea how to run a t-shirt printing company, but I DO know how to make a POST request. I don't have to worry about doing support or implementing analytics or where to get blank t-shirts from, I just send them images and shirts come out somehow. Magical."

Alexander Hogue

Alexander Hogue

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