Ten out of Ten

Prince Charles, for whatever reason, is a bit of a marmite sort of guy. But underneath all that tweed is a person that deserves a few minutes of your time now for one very important reason: His outstanding contribution to raising awareness of climate change and sustainability.

This video was recorded by the Prince of Wales for the Rio summit, the latest in a long list of international conferences that has, as part of its agenda, climate change and sustainability. At these events our leaders are charged with agreeing a route ahead of all of us – you and I  – and the future of our world. There’s not been a great deal to come out of such summits in the past.

On this occasion he’s stepped up and delivered an unprecedented message that hits the nail so firmly on the head that it’s gone straight through the woodwork and out the other side. In his words, there has been a little too much talking and not a great deal of action.

“there is a dangerous disconnection between people, the environment and companies… and if you fail to act now to change, there will come a time when it is too late”

The fact that he has come out and laid down such a direct and uncompromising speech to a gathering of the world’s leaders is high risk, exciting and commands respect. If he continues to lobby for sustainability like this when he’s our head of state, it might just be a game changer.

100 Rapanui points to you, Sir.

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