Kate Humble in Orbit

If you’ve read the title and assumed we’ve sent the trendy natural history presenter into space, you’re close but you’re not right.

Kate Humble has done a lot for the natural world – bringing the great outdoors into people’s homes on TV programmes like Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Wild in Africa. In the days of iPhones, festivals and non-stop party people, it’s easy to forget that there’s a world out there full of amazing things to do and see.

The Marine Conservation Society are a UK-based charity that looks after our marine and coastal environments. They do a great job and the results of their conservation work can be seen first-hand by coastal communities. At Rapanui we begun a partnership with the charity in our first year, making their t-shirts and also selling their prints on our online store to raise money for their campaigns. It’s something we’ve stuck with for almost four years now and we don’t ever want to stop.

Kate Humble does a lot of work as an ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society, so when we tuned in to her new TV show – Orbit – last night, we were stoked to see her wearing one of our MCS Save Our Seas Tops.

The programme follows Kate and Dr Helen Czerski around the planet across one year learning about how our journey around the Sun affects the environment, the seasons and life. You can check out the clip on iPlayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01d7kd5/?t=46m42s

The MCS commented:

“It’s great to see Kate sporting the Rapanui t-shirt that has been raising funds for MCS on the high street. Kate, who has been a long-time supporter of MCS, was a strong voice for MCS during our campaign to secure Marine Acts in Scotland and the UK, which are now in place. She strongly supports our work to create a network of 127 Marine Protected Zones around the UK and has  promoted our beach litter work  too. Kate has narrated a number of films for MCS including our animated film ‘Turtles in Trouble’ which shows how small changes to our behaviour while on holiday can make big differences to the lives of those spectacular animals.”

You can shop online for the Rapanui Save Our Seas tops here: MEN’S | WOMEN’S

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