Sir David Attenborough on Rapanui

Sir David Attenborough on Rapanui: “A Most interesting and Valuable Project”.

Attenborough on Rapanui

There is perhaps only one person on earth who has earned universal respect and admiration: Sir David Attenborough. The man who has set the benchmark for wildlife film-making and documentaries also somehow seems to just, get it.

His latest project, the Frozen Planet, looks at the effects of climate change on the Polar Regions, will be aired this autumn. We were lucky enough to be offered some behind the scenes footage from Alison Jane Reid – a friend of Rapanui and a pioneer in ethical fashion journalism. Having worked with almost every major publication and a host of celebs, she’s been introducing her friends, such as Sir David, to Rapanui. There’s not much you can do to say thanks to that, so we did what we do best – send him a t-shirt. The message we got back, and his thoughts on Rapanui blew us away:

Attenborough letter

The soon to be aired Frozen Planet series explores the effects of climate change on the Polar Regions and the lengths that scientists are going to, to understand it. Some regions, like the Antarctic Peninsula, have warmed significantly in the years since Sir David first visited them. He explores what this means, not just for the animals and people of the Polar Regions, but for the whole planet.

It’s a subject close to Rapanui’s heart, and if you don’t know already, we’ve got a whole section dedicated to raising awareness.

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